Incredible Angelonia Flower Photos And Background Images

Angelonia is a small and elegant flower. This flower has a 30 species in the worldwide. It belongs from the Mexico to Argentina and is classified in Plantaginaceae. Here in this post, you will see the angelonia flower photos, and it’s different species pictures.

The angelonia herbaceous plants arise mostly in arid and semi-arid habitation. This angelonia flower species can be found in Northeastern Brazil.

Angelonia flowers are highly specialized in about the pollination. These flowers have hairs in the inside corolla. It generates oils together by the oil bee pollinators, especially of the species Centris.

best angelonia flowers pics

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These flowers are mainly divided into three subspecies.

Angelonia Angustifolia

Angelonia Grandiflora

Angelonia salicariifolia

angelonia flower pictures

Beautiful Angelonia Flower Photos And Images Free Download

Angelonia Serena Pics

There are four soft colors in the Serena series. These are blended together beautifully Serena Purple, Serena Lavender, Serena Lavender Pink, and Serena White.

Angelonia Archangel Wallpaper

Images For Angelonia White

Angelonia Salicariifolia Pictures


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